One of the agency's activities includes creating entertaining and cultural-educational quest tours for parks, museums, and hotels. These projects always combine an engaging game with cultural and educational elements. Each project is tailored to the venue's concept, its target audience, history, uniqueness, and positioning.

In October 2020, a major initiative was launched in Crimea with the opening of the expansive Wine Park and the largest winery located within the territory of the five-star "Mriya" Hotel. For the park, our team developed a bespoke excursion quest titled "The Mystery of the Alatyr Stone", which is dedicated to the history of Crimea, and a fun quest for children called "Gremlin Hunters".
Throughout the year, a team of historians and scriptwriters collaborated with programmers and specialists in interactive technologies to develop scenarios featuring unique tasks and technical solutions that were used for the first time.

The visualization of the quests was realized by a team of artists and animators who created original character designs and thematic animated videos. All content became part of the interface for specially developed mobile applications, which players use to navigate the quests throughout the park.

The main mission of "The Secret of the Alatyr Stone" is to find and uncover the mystery of the sacred Alatyr stone, whose centuries-old history is inseparably linked to the Crimean Peninsula. To achieve this, players embark on an exciting journey through the past of Crimea, immersing themselves in the thick of events and aiding the heroes of bygone eras: the Greeks and the first settlers, Empress Catherine II and Count Vorontsov, writer Leo Tolstoy and artist Arkhip Kuindzhi. By successfully completing tasks, players receive 12 artifacts as a gift, which will help them unravel the main mystery – the secret of the sacred Alatyr stone...

Duration: 1.5–2 hours.

The number of players is not limited; the game can be conducted simultaneously for multiple groups.

The quest is available in Russian and English.

The entertainment game-quest "Gremlin Hunters" is inspired by the famous movie "Ghostbusters." The main idea is to find and capture monsters that divers from the "Mriya" Hotel accidentally released from an ancient chest found while exploring the seabed near the hotel.

Quest participants - the hunters, assist a well-known blogger in capturing the monsters. The more gremlins the players catch, the more valuable the prize they will receive after completing the quest. At the end of the game, participants must find the ancient chest and recite a spell in the form of a dance challenge for TikTok, record it on a smartphone, and post it to their social media.

In the specially developed application, we used unique tasks related to knowledge of literature and mathematics, puzzles that require ingenuity and logic, which, once solved, allow players to see the monsters using AR technology and capture them.