2012 — 2014

The MegaFaces Pavilion by MegaFon entered history as the most innovative, captivating, and ambitious project implemented during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. It was visited by over 140,000 people and was covered by the most reputable global media outlets, including Time magazine and CNN.

Three-dimensional portraits of fans from around the world, created using 11,000 telescopic pistons, appeared on the building's facade, impressing with their unprecedented execution and scale. A unique example of kinetic architecture aimed at direct communication with people - the result of months of work by our team, with the important contribution of British architect Asif Khan. We were responsible for the global idea, marketing strategy, and PR, project management of Russian and Western contractors invited by us to implement the project, organizing a nationwide roadshow, thanks to which "the faces of the Olympics" could be people from all over the country, and much, much more.

MegaFaces was recognized as one of the most innovative pavilions at the Sochi Winter Olympics and received over 50 international awards, including the first and only Grand Prix in Russia in the "Innovation" category at the prestigious Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival 2014.