On April 12, 2021, marking the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's spaceflight, a new multimedia exhibition pavilion was inaugurated in the heart of Korolev city. The main objective of this new space is to narrate the history of Russian cosmonautics in a modern, interactive format, and discuss its present and future aspects. It aims to spark interest among the youth in scientific discoveries and the fantastic possibilities of future space technologies, becoming a focal point for both residents and visitors of the city.
Korolev, the space capital of Russia, has always been a pioneering city. This is why the architectural concept of the pavilion is based on the philosophy of Russian cosmism, which focuses on the evolution of humanity destined to move forward. The main architectural concept of the pavilion is the idea of future habitats for Earthlings on another planet, represented in the form of a typical module. This concept is dictated by a polygonal shape that can be integrated into the circular shell of future spacecraft. The use of standard facade elements demonstrates how bases will be built under the challenging conditions that future colonizers will face.
Unique engineering solutions and materials were used for the construction of the pavilion. The exterior facade is made from fiber concrete panels, which were cast using individual molds and mounted on a complex metal framework with a specially developed unique subsystem. This design achieved a distinctive radial shape, giving the pavilion an appearance of lightness and airiness. The architectural lighting of the pavilion at night creates the effect of a floating space object. The total area of the pavilion is 270 square meters.
The interior of the pavilion is a cozy yet technologically advanced exhibition space. From the entrance lobby, visitors immediately enter a multifunctional hall with a media screen and an interactive exhibition, which culminates in a large windowed stained-glass facade offering a magnificent view of the central park.

Throughout the year, the pavilion hosts educational programs for schoolchildren and students of Korolev, lectures, and creative meetings with astronauts and scientists, movie screenings, and thematic events. The pavilion is equipped with all necessary auxiliary facilities: a staff office, restrooms, utility, and technical rooms.
This project is a component of the "Territory of Growth" program and is included in the action plan for the strategy of socio-economic development of the city.

Moscow Region, Korolev City, Gagarin Street, Building 19 (Central City Park of the Municipal Cultural Center named after M.I. Kalinin)

Administration of the Korolev Urban District, Moscow Region

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